Skra Waterfalls and Blue Lake / Καταρράκτες Σκρα και Γαλάζια λίμνη

Καταρράκτες Σκρα και Γαλάζια λίμνη

Skra Waterfalls and Blue Lake

Τα νερά στην πλαγιά του καταπράσινου Πάικου κυλούν δημιουργώντας καταρράκτες και μικρές λιμνούλες. Η μεγαλύτερη από αυτές είναι γνωστή ως “γαλάζια λίμνη” ή «Σμαραγδένια λίμνη» λόγω του όμορφου χρώματός της, ή Λίμνη Σκρα, επειδή βρίσκεται κοντά στο χωριό Σκρα, περιοχή όπου κατά τον Α΄ Παγκόσμιο πόλεμο είχε διεξαχθεί η ξακουστή νικηφόρα Μάχη του Σκρα.
The waters on the slopes of the green Paiko Mountain flow creating waterfalls and small ponds. The largest of these is known as the “blue lake” or the “Emerald lake” because of its beautiful color, or Lake Skra because it is located near the village of Skra, the area where the famous victorious Battle of Skra was fought during the First World War.
The lake with its emerald waters, which reflect the wooded slopes, is ideal for dipping and swimming. I read that the color of the lake is due to fossilized organisms laying at the bottom of it. Further down the waterfalls showers you with their clean and cold water. The beauty of the landscape is unique. Between raining water, curtains of moss and foliage, you feel like you are in a fairyland.
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